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 Rent trailer for delivery boat!


You could order the trailer!You could order the trailer!



You can rent a bikes at our holiday home: Rogać, Stari put 46.

 If youd like to rent a bikes at another place of island, we will transfer it to you .

  Price for rent a bike:

april,may,june,september - 10 Euro/day ;new brands - 15 E/day

july, august -15 E/day;new brands - 20 E/day.

 Please, be note:

 If you are not at our apartments, youmust pay deposit for rent e-bike 100 euro, for rent regular bike - 50 euro.

 If youd like to order pick-up service, you can pay amount of transfer:

 ROGAČ - MASLENICA - 15 Euro;   ROGAČ - NEČUJAM - 15 Euro;   ROGAČ - STOMORSKA - 20 Euro;


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